Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Valentine adoption anniversary

A bowl of flowers outside a museum we visited in Delhi.

Yesterday was full of reasons to remember it was Valentine's Day . . . Anya Rashi went to a little party at our YMCA and was thrilled to make a craft and bring home a goodie bag. Later in the day, we helped out with the party in Aaron's classroom. After school, we delivered decorated cut-out cookies for the residents of a homeless shelter near our house.

For our family, Valentine's Day is also an anniversary of sorts. Two years ago, Peter gave me a gift that I will remember forever. Two months earlier, I had contacted Dillon International to ask when their India program would be opening up again . . . and Peter and I started talking about a second adoption. I knew I was ready (just one short year after our first daughter came home with us!), but Peter needed more time for the idea to grow in his heart again. So I waited, quietly, trying not to get in the way as he considered and prayed about welcoming another daughter into our family.

When I walked into our bedroom that night, I found a gift on my pillow -- it was a new accordian file like the one we used to hold Anya Rashi's paperwork. He was ready to become the father to another daughter from India! Tears ran down my face as I read his letter that Valentine's Day, which was truly about love -- the kind of love that puts another before oneself, and sacrifices "wants" to be the answer to a child's need. I am so grateful to have a husband who doesn't prize his own convenience, and isn't overly attached to financial matters . . . because adopting doesn't mesh well with either of those things. :o)

I will always remember that Valentine's Day above all others, and I can't wait to share this story with our daughter someday. I hope she always knows that even though she will be our fourth child, she still has her own unique story. And that love doesn't shrink or get divided into smaller pieces as a family grows . . . it expands to include more children, and it expands our hearts at the same time.


Julie & Patrick said...

Lovely Post, Nancy! I love how thoughts of adoption take hold in one's heart and how appropriate that for your family it happened on Valentine's Day!


Laura said...

Seriously... teary eyed as I read your post! Beautiful and so true. I love the part about how nothing gets "divided", but the love grows in unique proportion to fit each child you welcome! Also, thank you for sharing the information about Anya Rashi's speech development (in your comments on our blog). It was very helpful and reassuring.

Pam said...

oh my nancy. i am speechless at beautiful this is!!!

Our Family of 5 said...

Reading this post...just so great and all LOVE!! Just think you can share the letter with your daughter someday!!!:) I can't say nothing...hmmm speechless also. Gidg

Emily said...

What a perfect Valentines post, full of love and meaning. I agree with Gidget, what a wonderful letter for your daughter to cherish one day!! Your little girl was longed for and loved, even before you saw her face or knew her name. That is a beautiful legacy to impart :) Emily

The Pfeiffer Family said...

This is a beautiful post, Nancy. What a special Valentine's Day for you to remember forever and what a precious part of your daughter's story. Thanks for sharing.

April :-)

Candice said...

What an awesome Valentine's Day gift! That truly is the kind of love that can change the world! I look forward to seeing who your newest little family member will be!


Megan (FriedOkra) said...

Oh, that is a wonderful Valentine's Day memory! The best I've ever heard, I think. I love the sound of that letter - makes me tear up just imagining it.

Thanks for the advice you left me about taking care of my friend Angela. You are so wise and thoughtful and helpful!


Cindy said...

Love this post Nancy!! These dads just have a way with us moms, huh? I'm even teary eyed now. Love it!!