Saturday, February 26, 2011

Taking care of business

After bathtime

We've been taking care of business on a few different fronts. In adoption matters, we've reached that dreaded point where paperwork is expiring and needs to be renewed. We've been compiling all the references, doctor reports, tax records, and other items to update our home study and file for an extension with USCIS.

We hosted a new social worker for our home visit, and had a little fun telling her about our first visit ever. One of our kids (who asked to remain nameless) surprised us all by returning to the living room to say goodbye to our social worker . . . wearing only a shirt. No pants. No underwear either.

What should nervous parents do in that situation? Well, I don't know what you "should" do, but we couldn't help it -- we just burst out laughing. I think she will always remember that visit . . . and she even approved us, despite the surprise ending! Our visit this go-round was a little less eventful, much to our social worker's disappointment.

I realized I haven't given any updates about our very reluctant pooper. I'm happy to report that Anya Rashi is also "taking care of business"! Late last year, many of you kind mama readers left me advice (or just commiserated with me!) about getting a stubborn girl to use the bathroom for #2.

For whatever reason (perhaps due to discovering how much she loves candy canes after St. Nicholas left some in her stocking Dec. 6?), she has decided to be a big girl in every way. In addition to the candy canes, a bribe from Grandma may also have helped -- we posted a chart on the fridge, and when she had an X in every box for a successful trip to the bathroom, she got to go on a special outing with Grandma.

Who knows, though? Many moms I know have kids who just decided one day to do it on their own . . . but for us, finding the right incentives seems to have helped the most. Thanks again for all your kind words after my first post!


SarahinOK said...

Glad you have success in the potty training department! How wonderful and freeing (for all of you!). :)

We just updated our fingerprints again last week. :) Hooray.

Just waiting and praying for movement! I had a very discouraged month last month regarding the stand still lately... but have gotten out of the doldrums and am now back to just tapping my toe... :)

Praying for movement for all of us!

Julie & Patrick said...

Hooray for Anya Rashi! And thanks for reminder about your first home visit. I remember laughing the first time too!

Hoping that all this renewal of paperwork spurs on some good news of movement!


Building Bridges to Orphans said...

Yes...the dreaded paperwork renewal! Good to get over with....AGAIN! With how long international adoptions take, we should start lobbying congress to extend the timeline the first one is good for, huh! Praying for movement in India!!!

Emily said...

Know that those of us on this end of adoption, are very much thinking of all you on that end. Redoing paperwork means you are getting closer to your daughter, and that is really exciting! So very glad to hear that Anya Rashi is taking care of business. I benefitted from the tips the other Mamas shared too. It's good to know that it all turned out well! Here's to guardianship news this week, which means children going to their forever families, which means more little ones at ISRC, which means you finally seeing the sweet face of your new baby :) Emily

Tina and Todd said...

LOL about the 1st adoption visit ... good to know if we ever try adopting ... since my children run around naked often:)
I am so happy Anya Rashi has completed the final potty training step:) For you and her:)
We are continuing to pray that things move quickly for the next little girl to arrive in our precious home!

Tina and Todd said...

I meant YOUR precious home .... my sick brain wasn't typing well:)