Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A book recommendation

As a Caucasian mom who lives in the US, I know that I can never offer the same cultural experience that Anya Rashi would've had if she spent her childhood in India, with Indian parents. I have a great feeling of responsibility about making sure she grows up with knowledge about and appreciation for her dynamic birth country.

I enjoy incorporating bits of India in our daily lives. At this stage of parenting (and because I love to read), children's picture books provide a good window into India for all of our kids. I love it when a trip to the library yields a new find, as it did last week. We are enjoying The Sanyasin's First Day by Ned Shank, illustrated by Catherine Stock.

The book weaves together the lives of very different people on their first days in their new jobs: a sanyasin (a holy man), a police officer, a plumber, and a farmer. There is also a compassionate little boy who plays a part in the story.

The best part of the book for me, though, was the illustrator's attention to detail. The market scenes are colorful and lush, and there is a statue of Ghandi in the center of town. But the street scenes will be especially nostalgic for anyone who has spent time in India. The roads are crowded with ox carts, autorickshaws, bicycles, and people on foot. The illustrator even included details such as the Tata brand name, and the ever-present instruction to "sound horn" on truck tailgates. That really brought a smile to my face!

So we give this book two thumbs up, for lack of a better system, and will likely be purchasing a copy online for our own library. (I googled it already, and it's available through several sources.) I hope you enjoy it too!


Our Family of 5 said...

Nancy- Thanks girl making a note right now to get this for Maiya Reela for her 2nd birthday,I can't believe she will be 2 May 15th!! Waiting with you for your exciting referral news!! Adyn has been saying all week,mama I want another sister. HMMMM he is not giving up!LOL:)
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heather_and_nathan said...

Thank you for your recommendation Nancy. I requested it from the library--hopefully to enjoy soon! We are always eager for new books to try, particularly when they have anything to do with India.


Building Bridges to Orphans said...

Wonderful! Thanks for sharing!!!