Monday, October 31, 2011

Fun photos

Here are a few photos from Diwali and Halloween!

Anya Rashi and I wore our favorite Indian outfits for our Diwali dinner. Unfortunately, the boys have long outgrown theirs. (Must be time for another trip to India to get some new ones . . .) Anya Rashi's outfit comes courtesy of our friend Priya, who visited her family over the summer and was kind enough to bring back a new outfit for our growing girl.

The strange creatures you see are Snow White (who must hold up her skirt in every photo, like the real princess she is), a Mad Scientist (wearing an old doctor's coat from Aunt Alicia), and of course, Darth Vader. Last year's trick-or-treat costumes were all homemade, but I ran out of steam this year! This will be a short post, because I need to go raid some candy buckets . . .

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Julie & Patrick said...

Once again, princess etiquette is shared by our girls, as Devi also insists on holding up the edges of her dress! I love the photo of you two in Diwali finery too! Yes, I think that raiding the candy stash is a must for breakfast, lunch and dinner....throw in a couple of snacks too!