Saturday, December 17, 2011

5 years old, 4 years home!

Anya Rashi's birthday is a little unique -- Peter and I first met her and held her on December 12, but we've always celebrated her Homecoming Day on December 16, which is also her birthday. That is the day we flew home and we were all together for the first time as a family of five, under the same roof.

We celebrated all day long! First, she got to bring a treat to preschool. She chose grape-and-cheese kabobs to balance out her favorite Christmas treat: candy canes. Then, our local Christian radio station has a birthday club -- and she received a gift certificate from them for a free meal at Subway. So lunch was extra special too.

The rest of the afternoon was spent preparing for dinner. We had family over for the meal of Anya Rashi's choice: Chicken Makhani, Jasmine rice, salad and root beer. After asking for birthday cupcakes for birthdays 2, 3 and 4, she changed course and asked for cake pops this year. She's seen them at Starbucks, and on her cribmate Devi's blog . . . so we tried our hand at them, after finding some instructions online. They were a big hit!

Anya Rashi, you hold such a special place in our family and in our hearts! Your grandma always says our family was like a puzzle missing a piece, and you filled it perfectly. Your Daddy and I love watching you with your brothers, watching as you've spread your wings in preschool this year, watching your very animated face as you talk about . . . well, anything!

I always seem to do a "numbers" game on your birthday -- I can't help but calculate the percentage of your life that you've been with us compared to the time you spent in an orphanage. As of yesterday, we've been blessed to have you for 80% of your life! Kind of goofy, I know . . . but I think it each year just the same.

And now, you are also a sign of hope as we wait for your sister: your sparkle, joy, and enthusiasm -- and the miraculous fact of your presence -- brings us much hope through the long wait for our next daughter. Just by being you, by being here, you give us reassurance about God's timing for our second adoption.

We love you, and are so grateful you are our daughter.


The Pfeiffer Family said...

Happy Birthday, Anya Rashi!! WOW, five years old. She is getting so big and is such a beautiful girl. Her smile just lights up her face. I love that she has been with you for 80% of her life. Sounds like her special day was everything a big 5 year old could ask for.

April -)

Fenwick 5 said...

Happy birthday pretty girl!! THE BIG !!!:) What a great dinner!! And cute cake pops!! Have a great weekend,Just got home from to bed!! She will make such a great big sister!! Gidget

Leveta said...

Happy Birthday and forever day to a beautiful girl! Hope your day is filled with lots of times and sweet memories.

Julie & Patrick said...

Hooray for the whole hand birthday! Love the numbers and all the special ways that you celebrated...especially those cake pops...I have lots of tips if you need any (we've made several different types now) Easy and fun...and instead of a huge cupcake...all the sweet is delivered in one or two bites.

I love the tender way in which you describe how Anya Rashi fits into your family and how she helps to prepare you each day for the this next journey. We feel the same way...I pinch myself all the time. True blessings these girls are.

Happy Birthday Anya Rashi!!
Julie, Devi and Treya

Building Bridges to Orphans said...

Thinking of you and prayin for breakthroughs in 2012 for India adoptions!! Open up the gates lord and let the referrals flood the adoption land!!!
Merry Christmas!