Sunday, January 1, 2012

Joy and hope

I've been away from the blog celebrating Christmas (and now New Year's) with family and friends. It has been a fun week with children home from school, family and friends in and out of each others' houses, cousins visiting, and more. And at the core of it all is the reason why we hope: a baby, God putting on flesh, to reunite us with our heavenly Father.

We are so thankful for him, and for another year with our parents, with healthy children, with a loving circle of friends. And we are hopeful because of him -- and hopeful that this year we see the little face that will be added to our family, and learn the name to be added on our fourth Christmas stocking.

This week should bring some news about when and if the Indian government will be asking us to re-submit our dossier to be considered for a referral. Our prayers are with all of the waiting children -- those waiting to be matched with families in India, and those who will make their way across oceans to their families.

Many blessings to you in 2012!


Fenwick 5 said...

I am hoping with you for good news!! Hang in there,you are doing great!! Gidget:)Excited for you.
We need to all keep in prayer ( I know you do) these baby girls of INDIA so more orphanages will open and these girls will be rescued and adopted.
RESCUED from the BAD side of things,it breaks my heart.This is the part I hate of India. I hope the culture shifts and they no longer see it a norm to unwant a girl. Gidget

Julie & Patrick said...

Yes! hoping and praying for good news for you. Love all the pics. Anya Rashi is looking so grown up! Glad you enjoyed your holidays and looking forward to a great new year!