Friday, January 27, 2012

India Republic Day Feast

In a happy coincidence, we had a feast of Indian food yesterday, which happened to also be India Republic Day. My friend Michelle wanted to bring a meal to say "thanks" for helping her out a few times by bringing her son home from school, and was in the mood to try some new Indian recipes. Little did she know that one of my love languages is having other people cook for me!

She brought over a delicious assortment of dishes I've never made before: chickpea patties with tamarind sauce and coriander chutney, aloo curry, and a mild but flavorful green bean and pea dish.

The potato (aloo) curry was the spiciest thing I have ever eaten, and it was delicious! I had already spooned some of it on the kids' plates before I saw the whole chili peppers cleverly hidden under cilantro leaves . . . and Aaron took a big bite before noticing that his mouth was about to erupt in flames. So, naturally, I took his picture.

I enjoy spicy food, so this dish, accompanied by yogurt and jasmine rice, was a treat. Even with my "cast iron" stomach, though, I could feel the burn. Nathan and Anya Rashi were good sports about tasting it, even after they saw Aaron's reaction! The chickpea patties were a big hit, and Michelle prepared them the healthy way: brushed with oil and baked, instead of fried.

Michelle's investment of care and time for this meal made me feel so loved! And what a fantastic way to celebrate the world's largest democracy, and our daughters' birth country.


Julie & Patrick said...

Wish I lived closer...I'd have conveniently stopped by for dinner. We cook and order our Indian food slightly less spicy than I would prefer because of the kids. I could really use a good hit of spice! It all sounds and looks delicious. What a good friend...can I pick up her son for her a few times? :)


The Pfeiffer Family said...

What a blessing to have somebody cook for you, especially Indian food :-) I love the look on your son's face. I look like that with many of the Indian food dishes I cook or try. My mouth seems to be quite sensitive to spice. My kids make me look bad as they take the spice all in stride. The chickpea patties look amazing. Any chance I could get the recipe for that one? It seems difficult to find baked not fried recipes that actually taste good.

April :-)

Peter and Nancy said...

April, Michelle is giving me the recipe, so I'll post it here. Those are spicy too, but more of a medium level . . . and the tamarind sauce mellows them out. You can adjust the spice, I'm sure!

Chad said...

I love this post! I couldn't get my act together for Indian Republic Day. I actually didn't even think about it! lol Next year, right? I agree with April, the chickpeas look FABULOUS! I would love it if you could the share the recipes when you have them!

Emily said...

What a thoughtful friend! I agree, one of the nicest things someone can do for me is cook for me. The way to my heart is through my stomach! I'd love the recipe as well. Yum! Emily