Friday, November 16, 2012

Baby blankets, pajamas & more made from sari fabric!

From our 2007 trip . . . beautiful!

There are several companies I love that help women escape the global sex trade by teaching them sustainable job skills -- Freeset, Sari Bari, Love Calcutta Arts, Samaritana, and more.  The women learn to make beautiful, unique clothing, purses, and jewelry . . . and can support their children and escape a painful past.

Some of my favorites items are made from recycled sari fabric -- you can find baby blankets, pajama bottoms, laptop covers, and purses all made in beautiful, colorful sari fabrics!! 

So, when you do your Christmas shopping, please consider stopping by this web site:
* If converting to pounds scares you, just do a search for the name of the company -- Sari Bari is located in the US, and some of the other companies have North American distributors who price things in dollars.  :o)

On a personal note, I serve in a ministry that reaches out to women in our local sex industry -- and I've been able to attend conferences and meet some of the people who run these companies.  They are the real deal, and are coming up with creative solutions and programs to help women who desperately need healing.  They are truly on the "front lines," often putting themselves in danger to be the face of Christ in very dark places.  Thanks for considering supporting them!

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