Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fun with dossiers

Since I can't publish photos of the letters, here is a gratuitous photo of my FINISHED mosaic!  I started it a year ago, after rescuing a nightstand out of someone's trash.  I decided I better finish it before we have another little one in the house.
For those who have been paying attention to our very convoluted dossier update, you will be happy to know that it's on its way to India right now (or possibly there already?).  It's a little weird, because no one in India asked us to update it, but it is over 2 1/2 years old -- and we didn't want to get bogged down waiting for NOC, only to find out that our documents have been rejected because they were so OLD.
(That's not another adoption acronym, it's just the word "old."  Although in our case, maybe it should be an adoption acronym!)

One of the really fun parts (okay, possibly the only fun part) of doing the new dossier was reading the boys' letters of consent about having a new sister.  I took pictures of the letters, thinking I'd post them here -- but then realized that they contain her name and one of her medical conditions . . . so all you'll get is the typed version.  Bummer -- somehow, it's even sweeter to read the letters in their own handwriting!  But here, for K's future enjoyment, are her big brothers' letters: 

From Nathan:

Dear staff at CARA,
     I am hoping to get a new little sister.  My other adopted sister, Anya Rashi, is an amazing, cute, fun little girl.  She learns quickly, and is now attending my school.  I think K____ will be the same, but with her own perks and talents.  She has _____________ (medical condition), but will heal.  All in all, I think that K____ will be a rising star in the Appleton family.
Nathan, age 10

From Aaron:

Honorable Sirs and Madames,
     My name is Aaron, and my family is hoping to adopt a little girl, K____.  She is in Bangalore, India, and we would love to have her home as soon as possible.  My little sister, Anya Rashi, was adopted from India, and she is a very beautiful, fun little girl.  I expect that K____ will be the same.  We are really looking forward to welcoming another sister into our family.  Thank you.
Aaron, age 12

This was Aaron's second draft.  His first letter was a little, umm, *testy* about how long the process is taking.  We explained that perhaps we should try to stay in CARA's good graces by not scolding them . . .  :o) 


Aaron and Julie Fraley said...

While OLD may not be an adoption acronym, it certainly is a relative term in the world of adoption!! It is funny to me that the process is expected to take 2 years and yet there are documents that are required at the beginning and expire well before the 2 year mark :)

Sometimes I think the paperwork and waiting is some sort of vetting out process to test our sanity and stability - LOL!!!

Sarah said...

Oh, these letters are so sweet...priceless!

SarahinOK said...

Love it. I think we could come up with a good acronym for OLD... :) so happy to see you have movement and progress. Praying your papers through quickly.

SarahinOK said...

Love it. I think we could come up with a good acronym for OLD... :) so happy to see you have movement and progress. Praying your papers through quickly.

No Greater Love said...

These letters are PRICELESS. I think our kids letters were something like, "We can't wait to have a sister. Thank you."


These letters are so detailed and precious. I love it.

Oh, Nancy...I think there definitely needs to be an acronym for old. Or at least maybe LONG. I honestly never ever ever thought it would take this long. Maybe there needs to be an acronym for NAIVE. :)

Oh well....I'm just glad to be in the process with you. :)

Julie & Patrick said...

Love the letters. Devi had to draw two of them as well. Unfortunately, the original one is somewhere lost in Hyderabad! No doubt CARA will love to read them and take favor in your upcoming adoption!


Cristy said...

Those are precious letters!

Auburn said...

Love those letters, and she will love them even more!! And I love your mosaic. Very beautiful!

Brad and Renae said...

LOL - love this post :)