Sunday, December 2, 2012

Preparing for Christmas


We are fully in the spirit of Christmas!  Yesterday, Aaron's and Nathan's boychoir sang in one of my favorite Christmas events -- a concert in the traditional English nine lessons and carols format.  There are nine readings from the Bible, from Genesis, Isaiah, and books in the New Testament, followed by traditional carols.  It is a solid 1-1/2 hours of gorgeous music, contemplation, readings and prayer, and exactly what my soul needed.  As a bonus, Aaron and Nathan had solo parts, and Nathan was chosen to read the passage from Genesis.  They did so well, and we are very proud of them for using their gifts -- but most of all, for their desire to glorify God with the talents they've been given.  They both have a clear understanding of the Gospel, and were excited to play a part in sharing it.

Anya Rashi and I found this book at the library this week, and it's a new favorite.  In the story, Tyler's family breaks their tree-top angel while decorating for Christmas.  As they look for a new angel, he realizes that there are no angels that look like him -- no boy angels, and no angels with brown skin.  Tyler also notices that the nativity figures at their church have blonde hair, and don't look like they're from the Middle East (that's often a pet peeve of mine with illustrated children's Bibles too!).  With some help from a friend, they come up with a creative and heartwarming solution.  Since welcoming our beautiful brown-skinned daughter into our family, I've noticed over and over how many books, toys, commercials, tv programs, etc. do not include people of color.  And Anya Rashi notices too.  This book gives voice to a desire many transracially adopted kids have: the desire to see other faces that "look like me."  We give it two thumbs up! 

This week will be a busy one for Peter -- our church's Christmas musical will run from Wednesday through Saturday.  He is in charge of the show, and the live nativity and petting zoo beforehand, and there are lots of last-minute details to occupy him.  This year, tickets are completely free -- and we are praying that many who can't afford to do other things for Christmas will come and hear the message of hope that was offered to everyone when God "took on flesh and dwelt among us." 

P.S.  Does anyone have advice for posting video that's from my own camera/computer on Blogger??  I know how to post videos from YouTube, etc., but I tried with a video of Anya Rashi today, and it didn't work.   :(


No Greater Love said...

Oh what beautiful pictures!!! I LOVE Christmas. It's so fun to get to see a piece of your life during this season, too. :)

Sarah said...

I would have loved to hear your boys sing!

Julie & Patrick said...

I always LOVE your book recommendations! Keep them coming!!

Also, love the feeling of jumping into Christmas and watching others share the way that they do the same. Meeting your boys this past summer adds so much to hearing about their accomplishments and talents! Thanks for sharing.


Miche said...

Here are some directions for the video upload-first: then follow this step:

then it should upload to your blog backside. If it has an error then something might be wrong with blogger for the time being, so try back in a few hours and perhaps it will work. It would be fun to see the kids sing! AND thanks for the book idea; I have been working hard to find dark skinned dolls and books and such; it is quite distressing to realize how little there is to choose from :(

Peter and Nancy said...

Thanks, Miche!! I'll read that and give it a try -- if I can't do it, you'll see it on Facebook instead. :o)

Auburn said...

Thanks for the book recommendation. I too, am annoyed that nativity sets aren't Arab looking (one reason I like the Jesus Storybook Bible.) But if you find a children's nativity playset that's not white, let me know!

Peter and Nancy said...

Auburn, it is SO hard to find a Nativity set that doesn't feature all Caucasians with one brown-skinned wise man! That's why our 3 Nativity sets are made of clear glass or painted wood, with the "skin" parts left the naturally tan color of the wood. Wish I had a better option to recommend!