Saturday, December 29, 2012

Birthday girl!

During the week before Christmas, our sweet Anya Rashi turned 6!  With a birthday so close to Christmas, we celebrate with our family first, then wait until after Christmas to celebrate with extended family and friends.

Birthday breakfast, with zebra candles.

Specially-requested french braid ponytail!
"Peace, man," on the way into Sunday School.
Our kids get to choose the day's menu on their birthdays, so we started our day with turkey sausage and white-chocolate-chip pancakes (with candles, of course!).  It was also the day that our kids' Sunday School/youth worship group helps tell the Christmas story, so it was a day for a special dress and hairdo too.
Anya Rashi singing with classmates.

Songs and sign language from preschoolers through 6th graders.
Anya Rashi's choice for dinner was Chicken Makhani, jasmine rice and clementines, along with roasted brussels sprouts for the adults (and a "no thank you" helping for the kids!).  Her choice for a birthday treat was cherry cobbler.  She is not really a cake or ice cream fan, so it's always fun to see what she thinks is the BEST possible treat!
After dinner, it was time for presents, and some sweet brotherly help putting together the Lego Friends sets she received.  The boys were so helpful and enthusiastic -- it was really fun to watch.
A little help from our resident lego experts . . .

Treehouse and bunny hutch
 built and ready for play!
And then after all that fun, some dear friends stopped by with a surprise gift -- a beautiful hand-made wooden bunk bed for dollies!  We were so surprised and delighted, especially because it was made with such love.  Anya Rashi set to work creating an animal hospital, complete with doctor kit, baby bottles and medicine.
Maggie and Ellie with Anya Rashi.
They go to our school and church, and are so sweet with our younger girl!

Future veteraniarian?
We had such a fun day celebrating our sweet daughter!  I should probably change my blog language to reflect this, but she is now insisting on being called "Anya" rather than her full name.  (Maybe because it's shorter for writing in school?) 

Anya, you are growing so fast and understanding so much -- you are smart, kind, hilarious, and creative.  You are one of God's greatest gifts in our lives, and we can't imagine our family without the sparkle you bring to it.  We are so grateful that we get to be your parents, and we look forward to many years of watching you continue to grow into a young lady.  We love you so.


Sarah said...

Happy Birthday, Anya!!!!! Looks like you had a wonderful birthday celebration! :)

Sarah said...

Oh, no....that isn't's me, Meredith. I'm logged in as Sarah so I can update her blog.

Peter and Nancy said...

Ha ha -- Meredith, I was thinking "Wow! Sarah is on the ball -- checking blogs while in China!!" :o)

Brad and Renae said...

Happy Birthday Anya! So cute. I love all the pictures on the last few posts, by the way.... trying to catch up on blogs... :)

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday Anya!!

Manda S said...

Thank you so much for your blog my husband and I are looking to adopt in the future we r still to young to adopt from india but we have just recently started are research and your blog has just been a joy to read.

Mummy J said...

Happy Birthday, Anya Rashi. You had a wonderful birthday! Wishing you many many more happy birthdays and may the lord bless you always. You have a beautiful family!