Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Fun times

Well, much has been happening at our house . . . for the boys, that is! Last Friday was Peter's birthday, so he, Aaron and Nathan drove south to take in a Brewer game. It was extra special since it was Nathan's first game, and since Aunt Alicia joined them at the stadium. The little ones were all decked out in temporary tattoos: one on each cheek and each arm. A good time was had by all -- and it didn't hurt that the Brewers won! It was a great birthday treat for Peter.

The next day, we all piled in the van and drove to Madison for our nephew's high school graduation. Anya Rashi did really well with no nap, and had a ball with her aunts, uncles, and cousins. We also met the newest member of the family, 3-month-old baby James, who was an angel. The ride home was not so pleasant . . . Anya Rashi fell asleep for about 45 minutes of the ride, and woke up to find herself A.) restrained in the car seat, B.) hungry (but not for the snacks we had in the van), C.) overtired, and D.) really ticked off by A.), B.) and C.). :o)

Today, Nathan participated in his kindergarten graduation ceremony. He was so proud of himself as he wore his mortarboard and received his "diploma." Both classes also recited poems and sang songs, and Nathan was so much fun to watch. His teacher must've told them to work hard to speak clearly, because his lips were contorted every which way during the program, and his eyes were extra animated and big. The funniest part were his little bows during the applause. That boy likes to be in front of a crowd.

Yesterday, I had a jazz CD playing on the ride home from school. A song the boys love came on . . . "Man in the Air" by Kurt Elling . . . which Aaron has always thought was about Jesus. A little while later, he asked, "Was Jesus a poet?" (One of the song's lines is 'the man is a poet'.) Nathan began by answering, "Well, he did tell all those stories." We had a really thought-provoking discussion about what exactly a poet does, and came to the conclusion that a poet speaks words of beauty and truth, therefore yes, Jesus was a poet.

Anya Rashi has been busy with new discoveries. Her new nickname for her favorite blankie is "bee." She can now clip her high chair "seat belt" all by herself, and is trying to put on her own shoes. Amazing! It's hard to believe she's not even 18 months old yet. She also has four new teeth: three molars and one eyetooth, that all came in at the same time. She doesn't do anything halfway, apparently!


Tina & Todd said...

Happy Belated Birthday Peter!
Congratulations Nathan on graduation!
The pictures are so fun...
We miss you guys!

Cindy said...

LOVE the tattoos and yes, you are right, these little Indians do nothing half way--ha!

Great fun at the ballpark--i am jealous.

Happy B-Day Peter! Happy Graduation to Nathan--what a special day!

Love your updates...

Julie & Patrick said...

4 teeth at once sounds familiar :)

We are taking a car trip soon and hope we don't have the same A,B,C,D situation. Crossing our fingers!

I love how literally kids listen to authority. "Speak clearly" what a riot. I can just imagine his animated facial features ;)

Sounds like your household keeps you in stitches. Fun, Fun!!

Julie R