Sunday, June 22, 2008

Timber Rattler T-ball

Saturday was a special day for our youngest son Nathan. His t-ball team had a chance to play a game in the minor league baseball stadium that we have here in town. The team is affiliated with the Seattle Mariners and is called the Timber Rattlers. As most t-ball games go, it was pretty hilarious watching all of the kids play, but it was a big hit for them all to play in such "a huge stadium!"

They also got introduced over the PA system which was pretty cool. Peter's dad came along to help and that made it extra special for Nathan. Nathan played catcher and hit twice in the shortened version of the game. He also got a bobble-head of the team's mascot, "FANG". . . goofy, crazy, fun.

It was another fun memory for this summer, and an extra special day for Nathan -- Aaron gets to experience many "firsts" in our family since he's the oldest, and everyone pays lots of attention to Anya Rashi because she's new, and the baby, and the only girl. We're happy he had something unique that was all his own!


The Labontes said...

T-ball is so entertaining. How very amazing to play in such a huge stadium! He must feel so famous.

Cindy said...

Wonderful Nathan!! I hope you had a FANTASTIC day!!

I love T-Ball..

Great pictures by the way..

Julie & Patrick said...

How cool!! A life long memory made for him, I'm sure!!

The kids look so little out on the field!

Julie R

Jeff and Leslie said...

Good for him! I remember a similar situation when I was young and got to play at the high school field. That was neat back then, but this is big time!