Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Fathers' Day

Peter doesn't know we're doing this, but we wanted to tell the world (or at least the folks who follow our blog!) how special he is.

Anya Rashi:
(Screams with joy and says . . .) DADA!

My dad is loving, caring, protecting, generous, knows God, humorous, praising, exciting, peaceful, and fun.
Your son,

He wrestles with me and plays with me. I like my Dad very much. I hope you have a great time in the Porcupine Mountains. I love you, Daddy.

Before we even began dating, I was completely overwhelmed by what a rare man Peter was. After knowing him for about a year in college, I clearly remember thinking, "What an amazing husband and father this guy will be someday," never dreaming that I'd be the one who got to walk through life with him. He is an extraordinarily kind, funny, expressive, honorable, big-hearted, thoughtful, playful, Christ-emulating husband and dad. I don't know why God has given me such a blessing -- I only know that I'm all the more grateful to have him, because I could never have "earned" him. I love knowing that our children have him as their model for what a man should be. Thank you, love, for being the man that you are.


Cindy said...

Very cool Peter!! Happy Father's Day from my family in NC!!

The Labontes said...

Amazing. Daddies like this give hope to the next generation.

Julie & Patrick said...

What a wonderful tribute to the daddy and husband of your family.

Julie R